Monday, November 26, 2007

STaR Chart Level 3 Descriptors

Dear Teachers:
The information below contains descriptors extracted from the Texas Teacher STaR Chart for the Key Area of Teaching and Learning at the Advanced Tech (Level 3) level of progress.

If you averaged Developing Tech (Level 2) on your recent STaR Chart completion, you can use this information to help you make progress toward the next level. Follow the links for resources and references.

Level of Progress: Advanced Tech (Level 3)

TL 1 - Patterns of Classroom Use:
I use technology in teacher-led as well as some student-centered learning experiences to develop higher order thinking skills and provide opportunities for collaboration with content experts, peers, parents, and community. My students evaluate information, and analyze data and content to solve problems. (Use projects like Reach the World, Jason, Texas Roads and Trails, etc.)

TL 2 - Frequency/Design of Instructional Setting Using Digital Content:
I have regular weekly access and use of technology and digital resources in various instructional settings such as in my classroom, library, lab, or through mobile technology.

TL 3 - Content Area Connections:
I use technology as a collaborative tool and integrate technology in subject area TEKS to support development of higher-order thinking skills. (See TEA Guidelines.)

TL 4 - Technology Applications TEKS Implementation (TAC Chapter 126):
I am knowledgeable of and consistently use Technology Applications (TA) TEKS as appropriate for content area and grade level. (Use Teacher Electronic Portfolios to show mastery.)

TL 5 - Student Mastery of Technology Applications (TA ) TEKS:
51% to 85% of my students have mastered Technology Applications TEKS. (See TA TEKS by Grade-TCET. Use Student Electronic Portfolios to show mastery.)

TL 6 - Online Learning:
I have created many web-based lessons which include online TEKS-based content, resources, learning activities, and interactive communications that support learning objectives. (Use Atomic Learning – “Wonder Wander Lesson Accelerator” type lessons.)

TA TEKS and Core Curriculum TEKS Connections


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